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3 Frank Lloyd Wright Houses to Stay in

If you're a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright's beautiful architectural style, then there are a number of places in Wisconsin you should find the time to visit.  In fact, there are even some Frank Lloyd Wright houses, like the Seth Peterson Cottage, that you can stay in.  These homes stand as a true testament to Frank Lloyd Wright, who is known as being as prolific and unorthodox as he was masterful and revered for his work. Staying in one of these houses is truly an unprecedented experience, and offers the singular opportunity to experience these homes as they were meant to be. Though some of these Frank Lloyd Wright houses are impeccable, there are several other historic homes in Wisconsin worth seeing and experiencing, such as the Stewart Inn, which was designed and built by George Maher, a contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright. Our in was built in 1906 and stands as one of the most complete examples of Maher's architecture in the country. Inside, you'll find that the chandeliers, stained glass windows, sconces, the fireplace mosaic, and the woodwork are original and in near perfect condition. At the Stewart Inn, we pride ourselves not just on maintaining the historic integrity and elegance of this building, but also in providing exceptional hospitality to those who choose to stay here. As you make your way from one Frank Lloyd Wright house to the next, don't miss your opportunity to stay at one of Wisconsin's finest Bed and Breakfasts.  Book your room today!

3 Outstanding Frank Lloyd Wright Homes to Stay in

Though Frank Lloyd Wright was controversial in his day, he is now largely seen as a visionary, and his work is at the very foundation of American modernist architecture. The majority of Frank Lloyd Wright houses vary in style from his earlier Prairie-style dwellings to his more accessible Usonian-styled homes that were built to be accessible to a broader range of families. In total, Frank Lloyd Wright built over 500 structures, and while some have been demolished others have been lovingly restored and opened to the public. Within a few hours of the Stewart Inn, located in Wausau, Wisconsin, there are 3 such examples of Frank Lloyd Wright houses that you can stay in. [caption id="attachment_7481" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Frank Lloyd Wright Houses Near Us The required attribution is: © Jeremy Atherton, 2006.[/caption]

Emil Bach House

The Emil Bach House is located in Chicago, which is around 4 hours from the Stewart Inn. This stunning house was built in Wright's Prairie-style for Mr. Bach, who was a big fan of the architect's work.  It has since undergone a change in ownership 10 times, with significant renovations along the way.  Unfortunately, in the process, the original stained glass windows were removed.  One of them is currently on exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. Even so, the exterior of the house has been thoughtfully restored and looks much as it did at the time of construction. You can rent this beautiful home and enjoy a weekend in Chicago, or you can rent it for weddings and other events.

Bernard Schwartz House

In Two Rivers, Wisconsin, which is approximately 2.5 hours from Wausau, you'll find the Barnard Schwartz House. It's a stunning example of Frank Lloyd Wright houses and was built in 1938. The design of this house is based on Wright's "Dream House" design for Life Magazine, which was actually never built. The house is located on the East Twin River and overlooks a marshy area at the bend in the river, thus giving the house the nickname Still Bend.

Seth Peterson Cottage

The Seth Peterson Cottage, which is located just 2 hours south of our boutique hotel in Reedsburg and in Wisconsin's Mirror Lake State Park, is one of the most popular Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Wisconsin. The cottage was built in 1958 and is the last house designed by Wright in Wisconsin. He died shortly after designing the work, in 1959, and before the project had reached completion. The small cottage is just 880 square feet and sits balanced just on the edge of a steep and wooded hill overlooking Mirror Lake. It's both simple and elegant, and a stunning culmination of Frank Lloyd Wright's life work. The cottage was purchased by the state of Wisconsin in 1966 and incorporated into Mirror Lake State Park. In the late 1980s and '90s, a group of enthusiasts finally took to rehabilitating this beautiful structure, which is now open to the public as a rental. It's frequently booked up well in advance, so give yourself plenty of time to plan. Similar construction as Frank Lloyd Wright Houses Near Us

Stay in Our Beautiful Historic Home in Wausau

As with Frank Lloyd Wright Houses, George Maher sought to marry form and function into his architectural designs.  Maher was an influential contributor to the Prairie School movement, and he is considered to be a co-founder of the American Arts and Crafts design movement.  Evident in the construction of the Stewart Inn is Maher's desire for unity between the structure, interior ornamentation, furnishings, and landscaping. His use of the Motif-Rhythm theory as a decorative element is as beautiful as it is simple, and is evident in the windows, the tiles, and woodwork of the fireplaces. Here, this motif element is visible in the tripartite (or segmental) arch and the use of tulips. Our Inn is one of 6 George Maher designs in Wausau and is certainly one of the best-preserved. This historic ambiance and the sense of romance this beautiful building inspire are two of the main reasons people choose to stay with us.  What brings them back time and again is our exceptional hospitality and high-end amenities.  There's truly only one Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast like the Stewart Inn, and this summer is the perfect chance to stay in these elegant accommodations.  Book your room today!     

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