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Picnic on the Dells of the Eau Claire River

Picnic at the Dells of the Eau Claire RiverThere are plenty of scenic wonders across the state of Wisconsin.  One of the most beautiful reminders of our ancient and glacial past happens to be right here in the Wausau area. The historic Ice Age Trail is the only state trail designated as a "State Scenic Trail," and segments of it happen to run through Central Wisconsin near Wausau. In total, the trail winds for 1,000 miles through Wisconsin, and travels the path of the state's last continental glacier. As the glacier receded, it left behind some truly stunning geological wonders, which today have proven to be popular attractions.  One of our favorites are the Dells of the Eau Claire River, located in Eau Claire Park.  When you're looking for a scenic afternoon hike, and maybe even a picnic, this gem should be at the top of your list.  Book your room at the romantic Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel, and come explore Wausau with us.

A Waterfall Picnic on the Dells of the Eau Claire River

If you're looking to enjoy a romantic afternoon in nature, then we recommend packing a picnic lunch and heading to Eau Claire Park for some gentle hiking.  If you're in town on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday, the best place to stock up for a delicious picnic is the Farmers Market. Otherwise, Downtown Grocery has just about everything you need.  Your hosts at the Stewart Inn are also a great resource.  Once you're packed and ready to go, head about 15 minutes outside of town to the Picnic at the Dells of Eau Claire Riverpark. There are more than 5 miles of trails throughout the park, including of course a segment of the Ice Age Trail. Now its time to work up your appetite!  You'll enjoy stunning views of the Eau Claire River as you wander along the riverside trails and across bridges and scenic overlooks.  The best part of the park are the Dells of the Eau Claire River itself.  Dells are a series of rock formations that were carved out by ancient glaciers.  Today, water cascades over these smooth, flat rocks, creating waterfalls and small pools and eddies at the bottom.  Worn away by the water over the years, these rocks are generally flat, and make an excellent place to sit and enjoy a romantic picnic. Just be careful not to slip.  They can be slippery! On a really hot day, you can even stick your feet in the water and cool off. When you're ready to unwind for the evening, our Boutique Hotel is waiting.  We offer guests a nightly wine and cheese reception; the perfect way to kick off your evening in Wausau.  We serve premium wines, and delicious, often locally-sourced Wisconsin cheeses.  It's a great chance to get insider tips on your time in Wausau, especially as you figure out where to spend the rest of your evening.  At the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel, your comfort is our top priority.  Come explore the area with us this summer, and see just how special Wausau is.  Book your room today!  

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