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3 Supper Clubs to Visit Near Wausau Wisconsin

Dining out at Wisconsin Supper Clubs in WausauWhen was the last time to stepped foot into one of Wisconsin's classic Supper Clubs? If the answer is "never" or, "it's been a while," we think it's high time you remedy that with a trip to Wausau this winter. Wausau is a premier destination for sports and outdoor enthusiasts of all varieties.  Wausau is home to endless miles of wooded trails for hiking and biking and exploring, and it's a world-class kayaking destination during the summer months. During the winter, Wausau transforms into a skier and snowboarder paradise, with the runs at Granite Peak Ski Area coming to life. There are also endless miles of cross country ski and snowmobiling trails to explore, curling at the Wausau Curling Club, sledding, tubing, and so much more. But underneath that rugged exterior lies a cozy midwestern town with a cultural heart that boasts an outstanding arts community, a vibrant history and culture, and plenty of delicious restaurants.  Book your room at our historic downtown Boutique Hotel today, and discover the pleasure of dining in one of Wisconsin's historic Supper Clubs this winter.

What is a Wisconsin Supper Club?

If we had to narrow our love of Wausau down to one thing, it would be the fact that underneath all of this rugged exterior and thirst for adventure, there's a booming city full of surprises. Wausau's restaurants are certainly no exception and will delight even the pickiest of eaters.  One of our favorite experiences is eating out at one of the area's traditional Supper Clubs. Wisconsin Supper Clubs are unique dining experiences. Travelers have been known to plan entire vacations around them, as the experience is something you'll only find in the state of Wisconsin. Supper Clubs had their beginnings the Prohibition speakeasies in New York City. These venues offered supper in a nightclub as a cover for the real business of serving illegal booze. The concept quickly caught on, and by the late 1930s, it was a national sensation. Wisconsin’s supper clubs started as taverns, resorts, and dancehalls. Commonly served dishes were fried chicken and perch, with, of course, a cold pint of beer. As the clubs grew in popularity, their menu morphed into what we know and love today:  someplace that reliably serves a good Friday Fish Fry, a Saturday Prime Rib, and a Sunday broasted chicken and ribs. We can't forget the signature cocktail of such a place, either:  a hand-muddled brandy old fashioned. Luckily fur us, there are 3 such places to visit in the general Wausau area.
Pinewood Supper Club
Dining out at Wisconsin Supper clubs in WausauThis lakefront Supper club is a delight and just a short drive away on the shores of Half Moon Lake in Mosinee. Pinewood Supper Club is ranked the #2 supper club in the state and is certainly one of the most romantic dining venues near Wausau. This delicious Wisconsin staple has been in business since 1974, though it's located in a building dating back to the early 1900s. The rustic lodge-style interior evokes an authentic Northwoods ambiance and is the perfect place for dinner while you're in town. A few of our favorite things to enjoy from this absolute gem include the cracker crusted walleye, the top-notch fish fry, a delicious blackened salmon oscar, the classic relish tray, their perfect old fashioned's, and their incredible ice cream cocktails, like the Brandy Alexander, Grasshopper, and Golden Cadillac.
The Palms Supper Club
Step through the door of the Palms Supper Club and into the 1930s when this restaurant first got its start. The highlight at this supper club is definitely the signature "Roller's round bar," named after the club's original owner. It's a great place to enjoy cocktails in the historic ambiance.
Sky Club
Sky Club, located nearby in Stevens Point stakes its claim as the first-ever home of the "salad bar," which they say dates back to 1950. They also have a great bar, with 125 wines (20 served by the glass) to enjoy, which will complement your meal nicely. Moreover, you'll enjoy the delightful supper club atmosphere you expect.

Perfect Lodging for a Romantic Winter Getaway in Wausau

If your mouth is watering, then it's time to come visit one of these delicious Supper Clubs in Wausau. Our favorite time to visit is the fantastically fun Friday Fish Fry, but you can't go wrong any day of the week.  Couple your experience at one of these delightful restaurants with a stay at Wausau's top-rated boutique hotel, located within easy walking distance of downtown Wausau. There's no place quite like the Stewart Inn, with an exceptional attentional to detail and unbeatable hospitality.  Book your room at this historic Bed and Breakfast in Wausau today!

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