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These are the BEST Things to do in Wausau This Fall!

2020  has been a rather different year than most here in Wausau, but even so, we're looking forward to a glorious fall ahead.  Fall will soon be knocking on our door at Stewart Inn, and with it will come a stunningly vibrant display of Wisconsin's best fall colors. If you're looking for fun things to do in Wausau this fall, especially as the annual display of fall colors comes into focus, then you need to start planning your getaway to our luxury hotel in downtown Wausau. Fall is a season we look forward to every year here in Wisconsin. Though there are plenty of delightful places from which to see the most vibrant of falls colorful displays, there are none quite so magical as here in Wausau. Moreover, there is an incredible range of things to do in Wausau in the fall! After a day of exploring the area, whether by bike, on foot, in a boat, or behind the wheel, the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The season will be over before we know it, so book your room at our incredible Wausau hotel today!

Our Favorite Things to do in Wausau This Fall

As the hot summer nights give way to crisp, cool fall evenings, we'll soon find ourselves surrounded by the vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges of fall. Wisconsin fall colors are nothing short of spectacular as they move gently from north to south across the state.  Wisconsin has earned itself a solid reputation when it comes to fall colors, and fall is a season filled with things to do in Wausau. Beautiful fall foliage and more great things to do in wausau this fall Among our favorite things to do in Wausau each fall is, of course, watching the glory of fall colors unfold.  The peak of fall colors typically happens in mid-late October, though they start in September and often stick around throughout the entire month of October.  To keep tabs on color development around the state, check out the Wisconsin Fall Color Report. Beyond just reveling in the fall colors, there are some other pretty great things to do in Wausau this fall.  Here are a few of our favorites:
  1. Taking a scenic chairlift ride up to the peak of Granite Mountain is easily one of the romantic things to do in Wausau each fall.
  2. Hike up to the top of Rib Mountain State Park, home to the popular Granite Peak Ski Area.  It's the same view as you'll get on the chairlift, but you'll get to enjoy the journey, which has plenty of lookout points along the way up.  You'll also have the opportunity to enjoy the views from the 60-foot observation tower at the top.
  3. Paddle around the lake Bluegill Bay Park, and enjoy the reflections of fall in the water.
  4. Hiking is always at the top of our list of things to do in Wausau, and these fall months are no exception.  A few of our favorite places to go, aside from Rib Mountain State Park, include The Big Eau Pleine Park or the Dells of the Eau Claire County Park, both exceptionally beautiful during fall.  Another great place is the Nine-Mile Country Forest Recreation Area.
  5. Enjoy fall in Wausau's beautiful downtown, which is walkable from our boutique hotel.  You can browse our local shops, meander along the River Walk in downtown Wausau, and generally just enjoy the charming river views along the Wisconsin River. Oak or Fern Island Park in the middle of the Wisconsin River, and offers a number of trails around the island.
  6. Bring or rent a bike, and enjoy the miles of trails along the Mountain-Bay State Trail, where you'll be surrounded by the colors of fall.
  7. Take a scenic drive, and take in the fall colors from the comfort of your car.  One of the best drives in the area is along Highway 107, between Merrill and Tomahawk. The trip is approximately 30 miles long and meanders alongside the Wisconsin River, allowing for breathtaking views as you go.
  8. Enjoy some of the incredible art on display at the Woodson Museum of Art, which is just about to launch the famous Birds in Art Exhibit.
  9. Visit Wausau's local breweries and the Timekeeper Distillery, all of which are open and ready for business.
  10. Enjoy some fall birdwatching in the Wausau area.  Great places to visit include the Bitzke Waterfowl Refuge, the Bern Wetland, or the George W. Mead Wildlife Area.
Beautiful fall foliage and more great things to do in wausau this fall

Stay at our Luxury Wausau Hotel This fall

If visiting Wausau isn't yet on your radar, we really hope you'll put it there this fall.  Wausau is an incredible town to visit any time of year but is truly magical in the fall. Not only is it beautiful but there are plenty of things to do in Wausau this fall, too! When it comes to lodging, there's no finer getaway than the luxury accommodations of the Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel. Not only will you enjoy our exceptionally restored historic Inn, designed by architect George Maher, a contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright, but you'll enjoy exceptional service and unbeatable hospitality. Each morning, you'll be greeted by the delicious aromas wafting from our kitchen as we prepare a delicious and multi-course breakfast in our kitchen.   We love to share in travel stories with our guests and are always happy to guide you to the best things to do in Wausau.  But first, you have to book your room.  Plan your fall getaway this year, and make sure it includes a stay at The Stewart Inn Boutique Hotel in Wausau.

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