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The Best Coffee in Wausau!

Coffee is an important start to any gourmet breakfast. We take great pleasure in giving you the best tasting, freshest and best prepared coffee (regular and decaf.) in the Wausau area. We serve a proprietary blend of coffee that is professionally blended and always served fresh. But, our efforts don’t stop there. We also use a commercial coffee maker and a purified water filtration system to extract optimum flavor. So, relax, sit back and enjoy a fresh mug of Joe!

Not your ordinary hotel breakfast!

Let’s face it. We all stay at luxury hotels and fancy bed and breakfasts because we want to feel pampered. We love the comfy beds and warm hospitality. We enjoy the steam showers and romantic fireplaces. We soak-in the amazing architecture, historic communities and artsy shops. But nothing says pampered at a hotel or bed and breakfast better than a gourmet multi-course breakfast. We’d like to believe our breakfasts are as good as they come.

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We source much of our food from local Wisconsin purveyors. We never scrimp on ingredients and we avoid short-cuts. We make each breakfast daily from scratch. As they say on the Food Network, we “honor our ingredients” and “make things with love.” We also offer a diverse repertoire of menu items to accommodate guests with food allergies and dietary restrictions.

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