Stewart Inn

       A Luxury Boutique Hotel in Downtown Wausau

Invest In An Inn

We are actively considering a second property in Wausau and inviting potential investors to reach out to us. We are offering a 20% annual ROI and anticipate paying back any or all investors within 12 months. A majority of the payback (upwards of $100,000) will come in the form of state and federal tax credits. The rest will be paid in cash (or credit to a 401K program).

This investment opportunity should be a low risk investment as we will be securing an SBA loan with specific mandates. The most important of those mandates is that the SBA funds require that certain projects be completed within a certain time period and to get those projects completed we will need the approval of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Historical Society approval guarantees receipt of the Federal and State tax credits.

To learn more, please contact Randy Bangs at 262-639-5500.