Stewart Inn

       A Luxury Boutique Hotel in Downtown Wausau

Travel Green

At the Stewart Inn we are as committed to living green as to being a world class boutique hotel with bed and breakfast experience.  We believe that luxury standards and green living are both mutually compatible and symbiotic.  We know that many travelers seek out destinations that utilize environmentally friendly practices.  We want to appeal to that customer.  To that end, we have applied for and been certfied by Travel Green Wisconsin for our sustainability efforts and for our committment to continuously reduce our carbon footprint.  To learn more this program, you can visit  .

Some of the steps we’ve undertaken to be sustainable and meet the Travel Green Wisconsin standards include:


  • Locally sourcing food items – honey, maple syrup, coffee, bacon, sausage, cheese, many fruits and vegetables, jam, etc.
  • Reusing bed linens when guests are staying multiple nights unless requested otherwise
  • Reducing our consumption of single use items like shampoo bottles, bar soaps, body lotions, etc.
  • Recycling most paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum products
  • Composting as much food and yard waste as feasible
  • Bulk purchasing of most cleaning products (laundry detergent, window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, floor cleaner and laundry softener) and many food products (sugar, flour, dried fruits, nuts, etc.)
  • Preparing food items from scratch
  • Printing all brochures, flyers, postcards, etc. on partially recycled paper stock
  • Purchasing towels and bathrobes that have been shown to use less water to clean and to dry more efficiently
  • Using duvet covers instead of comforters to reduce water consumption and dryer usage
  • Donating usable items that no longer meet luxury standards but offer value to the general public
  • Sharing newspapers and magazines with all guests
  • Getting annual preventative maintenance of HVAC system
  • Using a programmable setback thermostat
  • Installing carbon monoxide detectors in each suite
  • Testing for radon
  • Encouraging exercise and making bicycles available
  • Investigating and recommending local wine, cheese and beer tours
  • Purchasing and recommending art from local artisans
  • Promoting local shops, restaurants and activities
  • Joining the Wausau area Chamber of Commerce
  • Monitoring yearly usage of gas, electricty, water, mileage and propane