Stewart Inn

       A Luxury Boutique Hotel in Downtown Wausau

Our B&B Adventure

Sometimes in life all the pieces fit together.  For us, the Stewart Inn was one of those times.  As former Innkeepers embarking on a new property, we had a pretty well defined list of “must haves.”  Any naivete about what kind of place might work had long since vanished.  Our challenge was to find somewhere that had it all.

Our list of “must haves” wasn’t small.  If anything, it was expansive.  And frankly we weren’t certain that such a property existed.  But reality never felt like much of a deterrent (for Randy it never really does) and we began our search.

We discovered the Stewart Inn somewhat by chance.  Using one of the popular realty sites, we plugged in a matrix of highly unrealistic criteria and expected nothing.  Of course, you can’t expect to find much when your criteria is an architectural masterpiece with sufficient square footage for a commencement address and enough bathrooms to compete with Kohler.  To our astonishment, we found this amazing property in Wausau that had been successfully run as a “Select Registry” property with owners willing to sell it as a turnkey business. How much better can it get than that?


From the photos, it was obvious that it had nice innkeepers quarters (a huge factor for us) and that we would love the property, but we knew nothing about Wausau, its business climate, the neighborhood or its restaurant scene (yes, that was important!).  But it was certainly worth exploring.

To that end, we scheduled a trip to Wausau and went with an open mind.  When we arrived, we were simply blown away!  Everything about the trip exceeded our expectations.  The downtown was fresh and vibrant and full of people.  The business community was thriving.  The location couldn’t have been better; the shops, the businesses, the restaurants, they were all within five blocks.  And Granite Peak … only five miles away.  The neighborhood was incredible; it had lots of beautiful homes that were well-maintained and remained true to their historic roots. The options for things to do and events to participate in were unbelievable.  There was skiing and kayaking and hiking and biking and theatre and live music.  But the biggest surprise was the restaurants.  Virtually every place we tried was both affordable and somewhere we wanted to return.

Before we left, we knew our search was over.  We had found our dream property and we were excited to close the deal.

With that said, we invite you to come stay with us.  Wausau is one of the best places in Wisconsin and the Stewart Inn is genuinely remarkable.  If you’re anything like us, you may never want to leave.
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