• Wausau is Wausome!

About a year ago, we heard someone describe Wausau as “Wausome” and frankly we couldn’t think of a better word to describe this amazing small city in Central Wisconsin.  Wausau is Wausome!  It’s an amazing place to live and a fantastic place to visit.  It has a vibrant arts and cultural scene (including two renowned museums and a world class theater), great restaurants, one of the nicest downtowns in all of Wisconsin, friendly people, affordable lodging, two gorgeous and well-preserved historic districts, the best ski resort in Wisconsin (and one of the top resorts in the midwest), an Olympic qualifying kayaking and canoeing course, two fantastic micro-breweries (three, if you include the Great Dane which has multiple locations in Wisconsin), a class “B” biking rating, a wonderful new distillery and, of course, the natural beauty of northern Wisconsin.  It’s the best place Sara and I have ever lived and it’s a place where we consistently hear our guests say “we never knew Wausau was such an amazing place.”  Even our young adult children who have lived in Madison and the Twin Cities say they love Wausau.

Granite Peak
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Yawkey House Museum
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Grand Theater
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The Timekeeper
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Woodson Art Museum
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We hope you decide to visit.  We are absolutely sure you will love Wausau. Almost every guest we’ve had has said they want to come back and many have expressed an interest in someday moving here.

Within Walking Distance

Back When Cafe

Red Eye Brewing Company

Taqueria Tres Hermanos

City Grill

La Prima Deli

319 Gallery & Bistro

Polito’s Pizzeria



A Short Drive

Thrive Foodery

Fat Joe’s Pizzeria

Navieve Fromagerie

Michael’s Supper Club

La Taqueria


The Palms


Masa’s Sushi


Worth the drive


Muse at Sentry


Come Eat Like a Local at These Top Wausau Restaurants
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Owl Ridge Cabin

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